Adult League

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Adult League – Spring 2021

One Club. One Culture. One Family.

Welcome to adult league soccer at Smiths Station! Our mission is to provide a platform for all adults in our community to enjoy the Beautiful Game. We strongly believe in the benefits of playing soccer; however, we also understand the diversity that our community brings to the pitch and, thus, the experience we seek while on it. This league will be structured to maximize the fun and enjoyment for every player type, from the most competitive and experienced baller to the casual, first-time player. 

    • Players may register as individuals or as part of a group of up to 7. To register in a group, enter your group name in the corresponding box during registration.
    • Cost: $100 per player


  • Scheduled field access for team practice
  • Minimum of 8 games with certified officials and game balls
  • Two Jersey shirts
  • Optional training session with certified coaches


  • Players must be at least 18 years of age
  • Players must provide their own equipment, including: cleats, shin guards, shorts and any other athletic gear. See: “04 The Player’s Equipment”; IFAB/FIFA Laws of the Game
  • All participants must have a signed liability release and COVID waiver on file with Smith Station United Soccer Association 

Key Dates:

  • 1/9, 1/30 – In person registration dates
  • 2/8, 7:30 PM ET – Preseason Meeting for all participants @ Philadelphia Baptist Church (7807 Lee County 246, Smiths Station, AL 36877) 
  • 2/15 – fields open for practice
  • 3/21 – First games
  • 5/16  – Championship Final

**Games may be rescheduled by request at least one week in advance

  • SEASON OUTLINE – subject to change based on registration results
    • Divisions:
      • The league will be split into casual and competitive divisions
      • Competitive: is for those seeking the greatest challenge and the glory of competing for victory alongside teammates. There is no minimum experience or skill level to play competitive; the only requirement is your pledge of commitment to your team!
      • Casual: is for anyone who wants to experience the joys of playing soccer in a friendly and laid back environment. You do it for the fun, the friendship, and some great exercise!
    • Teams:
      • Teams will be auto drafted by the league
      • All players who enter the same group name during registration will be placed on the same team up to the maximum group size
      • Teams will be balanced by age and playing experience to ensure a competitive season
    • Practices: 
      • Days and times for field access will be provided preseason
      • Teams may choose to practice onsite at any point during allotted times
      • No restrictions will be placed on total practice time
      • Teams may arrange their own practices off premises  
    • Games: 
      • Games will be held on Sunday afternoons with the potential for alternate make up game days
      • Game formats will be announced at close of registration
      • Season will be split into regular season and playoff games
      • Regular season bracket and playoff format will be drawn at close of registration
      • Playoff bracket will be drawn based on regular season results
      • Competitive division will play for the Smith Station Copa de Mayo title
      • Full concessions will be available

All Players, spectators, and officials are expected to uphold the values of respect, equality, and sportsmanship both on and off the field. 

In line with this league’s goals of community, and the tradition of sportsmanship in this game across the globe, SSUSA will enforce a zero tolerance policy for the following behavior:

  • Open disrespect or disregard towards match or club officials
  • ANY physical altercations outside of the rules and play of game
  • Repeated or severe verbal abuse or use of profanity
  • Smoking or consumption of alcohol on premises
  • Any on-field action that draws a red card

Any persons found guilty of this behavior will be ejected from the premises and banned from all club events for the remainder of the season, pending a SSUSA board review and hearing. Players found guilty will forfeit their league registration with no refund.

    • All players, officials, staff, spectators, and any other persons within the field space are subject to local, state, and federal COVID restrictions
    • We ask that all persons observe 6 foot social distancing and/or face covering where possible, especially near non-household members
    • Any behavior by any persons judged to be unsafe by league, club, or city officials may be met by a warning and/or dismissal from the park

This league will conform to the IFAB/FIFA Laws of the Game, except where otherwise stated in this document. 

Link to the official 2021 FIFA Laws of the Game:

  • Officials: 
    • Head referees must be at least 18 years of age
    • Assistant referees may be under 18 for the purposes of training and development
    • Spectators and players may not address underage officials under any circumstances
  • Fouls and Misconduct:
    • Slide tackling is prohibited in casual division competitions
    • On field profanity will be considered a yellow card offence
    • All red card bookings, including through yellow card accumulation, will result in the offending player’s suspension for the remainder of the season, as per league Code of Conduct
  • Substitutions:
    • No limit shall be placed on the number of substitutions allowed per game
    • No limit shall be placed on return substitutions; in other words, players may substitute off and back onto the field of play 
    • Players to be substituted into play must stand at the center field line and wait to be called on by the officials
    • Number of players: TBD
    • Field Dimensions: Will correspond to the number of players as guided by US Soccer