Jr. Academy/Select

Welcome to the home of Smiths Station United Soccer Association Academy soccer league. Follow the links below for registration. If you are looking for Recreation please click here.

This season we will be offering Jr Academy for U8 players ($125). Jr. Academy players will receive specialized training from a licensed coach. Since Jr. Academy teams do not play games or tournaments, registration for rec league will be included and players from Jr. Academy will be split among all teams in the U8 age group.

Academy will be for U10 and up and this year’s registration will be $200. We are not including a jersey in this fee. We will be making the uniform decision at the beginning of the season, and all players across all Academy teams will be wearing the same uniforms.

What is “Academy”?

  1. It is a more invested and highly detailed program for children between the ages of 6 and 18.
  2. Cost is $200. Jerseys will be purchased separately.
  3. We include 2 tournaments and friendly matches with other local clubs between Montgomery and LaGrange
  4. The money paid goes to paying refs, providing training equipment for our academy players, and funding tournaments, per diem for coaches, and lodging for coaches travelling to tournaments
  5. We use the term academy as all encompassing instead of the traditional Jr. Academy (U8), Academy (U10 & U12), Club (U14 & U16), Select (U18)
    1. Jr. Academy and Academy will be fall & spring
    2. Club and Select will be FALL ONLY except in the event we have the numbers for these teams in spring.

What are our goals?

  1. Teach life lessons to each child through the healthy competition of sports
  2. Teach soccer at a technical and tactical level to each child
  3. Build a program centered around the well-being of the community through volunteer efforts, and local outreach

How do we achieve these goals?

  1. Coaches get a “focus word” for the weeks practices
  2. These will be given to the coaches at the beginning of the season
  3. Examples: Attitude, Bravery, Caring, Dedication, Empathy, Fairness, Generosity, Honesty, Integrity, Joy, Kindness, Loyalty, Motivation, Perseverance, Respect, Self-Control, Teamwork
  4. Coaches get outlined practice lessons based on age group.
    1. U8 
      1. focuses on abilities (trapping, passing, dribbling)
      2. basic terminology. (shot, assist, marking)
    2. U10 
      1. begins building the terminology. (types of passes, switching the field) 
      2. Learning positioning
    3. U12 
      1. Work in more detail on tactical (formations, positioning, recovery)
      2. Learn how to properly use the head as a passing and shooting mechanism
    4. U14+
      1. Implement all of the above in a fully immersive 11v11 atmosphere
  5. Teams volunteer at local events that benefit different parts of the community.